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The artist is also published in:

  • "Art 2000": Israeli Artists. Painters and Sculptors, by Studio Chayat, 1993 (P. 56).
  • "Judische Frauen in der bildenden Kunst" by Hedwig Brenner, Hartung-Gorre Verlag, 1998 (P. 176 in german).
  • "STUDIO" art magazine: No. 107, Sep.-Oct. 1999 (P. 148).
  • "STUDIO" art magazine: No. 117, Sep.-Oct. 2000 (P. 132).
  • "Artists of Israel 2002", Editor: Yehuda May - Mechira Pumbit, the Israeli Magazine for Art & Collectible (P. 62/139).
  • "Un secol de arta moderna" by Emil Wittner, Forum Publishers, 2003 (P. 362 in roumanian).
  • "Dictionary of Jewish Painters" by Lucian Regenbogen, Editura Tehnica, Bucharest 2004 (P. 205).

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